After a relaxing summer break, the crew is back to talk nerdy about smartwatches and:

  • Google Chrome identifying malicious links
  • Google Voice/Search allowing multiple languages
  • Facebook’s rumored satire tag
  • Connecting to IU Secure

Our special guest are members of the UITS Student Outreach Team, who have the skinny on all the info you need about IU’s tech services and how they’ll make your time as an IU student that much more awesome. Services covered include:

  • One.IU
  • Canvas (Oncourse’s replacement)
  • IUware and IUanyWare
  • Tech support
  • lynda.com eLearning videos

Hope you enjoy! And as always, feel free to send us questions. We’ll answer them on air in our October episode.


The nerds try to broadcast from a cosplay fashion show at IU Geek Week only for the show to get canceled because the models forgot to show. On the plus side, two judges—Winter Soldier and Dovahkiin—stop by for a quick chat about what could have been and the possibilities of Bloomington in character.

Other highlights:

  • Ross delivers info on Heartbleed at IU
  • Tech news: Janae and Brendon chat about the latest Snapchat update; Amazon’s upcoming smartphone; AT&T buying DirecTV and announcing plans for voice-over IP on LTE; Sony’s falling profits; and Oculus Rift bringing joy to a dying grandmother
  • Sad Trombone in IT: Google+ and the departure of Vic Gundotra

Enjoy, and as always, hit us up if you have feedback!

Next episode: Monday, June 2


It’s time for episode 9! Join the nerds, as we talk about:

  • Bitcoin: The ins, outs, and roundabouts with Ross Wilkerson
  • Tech news: Facebook buys Oculus VR; Google Glass woos Luxottica’s Oakley & Ray-Ban; LG smart lights; and the benefits of the Galaxy S5’s 4K camera
  • Gadgets: Belkin Folio bluetooth keyboard for iPad Mini 2
  • Sad Trombone in IT: Alicia Keyes runs with her iPad. Because fitness?

Feedback? Hit us in the comments, via Twitter (@talknerdyiu), or email. In the meantime, stay on the lookout for new posts, pictures, and updates.

Next episode: Monday, May 5.


CNET: Study says online gaming expands social lives

Researchers from North Carolina State University, York University, and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology analyzed the behaviors of thousands of online gamers — mostly those playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft. You know what they found? 

"Gamers aren’t the antisocial basement-dwellers we see in pop culture stereotypes; they’re highly social people," Dr. Nick Taylor, an assistant professor of communication at NC State and lead author of the study, said in a school news release. "Loners are the outliers in gaming, not the norm."

Happy to see researchers are “discovering” what the rest of us already knew—and spreading the word about it.


Will Wheaton on how to deal with being called a nerd: “Don’t apologize for liking the things that you like.”

Tech lovers, unite!

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